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Some people think advertising is a neccesary evil, and when it’s done with little effort, it is. But, when it’s done truthfully, when it comes from a persons heart and it’s made for the greater good of the consumer as well as the company, then I beleive it’s a neccesary good. It's a piece of communication that entertains and informs the viewer while growing a company that is the lifeblood of all the humans that work there. To me, an advertisement is better than a work of art because it helps a consumer and a company simultaneously. A work of art only helps a consumer. 

I thoroughly understand that clients are humans, and the jobs of hundreds of people rest on their decisions. I'm not trying to use their money to create for my own personal expression. I work to create in that sweet spot where the consumer and the business are equally helped. I truly believe the advertisement helping the most is the advertisement selling the most. 



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Painting by my mommy: https://amypearcehamlet-paintings.com/